Just because you've graduated doesn't mean you aren't part of the Faraday family. Follow us and we'll keep you up to date on everything important, including Alumni events!

Alumni Weekend 

Above: Netball Friendly

Middle: High Table

Below: Rugby Friendly

Meet Ella and Fraser, your Finalist Reps...

I’m super excited to be returning to Faraday after a year on placement and getting all our finalists and townies back involved. I love being a part of the Faraday family and am looking forward to the year ahead 

~ Ella Hatchwell

Having a great time living in Faraday for 2 years & now returning back after Placement, I’m greatly looking forward to being around & getting involved with Faraday once again.  " 

~ Fraser Foster 

As a Finalist Rep, Ella & Fraser will be keeping all town & Finalist students connected to the Hall. They will also help organise events for past Faraday students & Alumni to get involved with, so that they can still be a part of the Hall community. 
If you have any questions, Ella and Fraser are the ones to go to!

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