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In the run up to Freshers you'll be hearing from the Committee quite a lot. Each and everyone was elected through a challenging and exciting hustings. The committee are dedicated to creating the best student life at Faraday you can possibly have. They are all responsible for aspects of the hall whilst the hall chair, Immi Wynn, oversees and supports each member. The Committee work closely with the Warden, Ash Casey, and his team of sub-wardens to ensure the best possible Faraday experience!

Immi Wynn

Hall Chair 

Claire Lomax

Female Sports Sec

Daniel Martin

Male Sports Sec

Meg Adamson

Social Sec

Aashi Srivastava

Rag Rep

Polly Neal 

Vice Hall Chair + Stash Rep

Cameron Brown

Male Sports Sec

Aman Paul

Welfare Rep

Tom Bell

Social Sec

Ben Gough

Media Rep

Fergus O'Connor


Bella Little

Female Sports Sec

Alp Hurdag

Action Rep

Caz Robertson

Rag Rep

Kiara Jim

Media Rep

Come up to us and say hi, We are here to help!

Are you interested in becoming a committee member?

Each member of committee had to go through the process of HUSTINGS, a week of campaigning, and were then democratically elected by the hall.  Each member had different challenges for the specific section they were running for. It is a week of adrenalin-rushing challenges filled with costumes and guaranteed fun. You won't get a more rewarding experience here in Faraday than getting involved with Hustings! Hustings occur in November and in February. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements!!!