We’ve comprised a list of tips that will make life as a Faradonian an easier one, here’s a bunch of things we wish we’d been told early on.

1. Faraday is the best.

We hate Royce, in fact, we pity them and just strongly dislike everybody else. Your job is to assert Faradonian authority in everything you do. Obviously don’t go around assaulting anybody but giving them a glare of disgust every time you pass one of them does the trick quite nicely.


Luffs is best in the country for sport and yes, every time you tell someone you go here you'll get the "oh awesome, what's your game plan for Tokyo 2020?" line but IMS is mostly just about having fun and getting involved. We've got a team for every ability and will welcome you with open arms!


Here in Faraday we take fancy dress socials very seriously. If you're unsure whether or not that old shepherd outfit you wore during your year 8 theatre debut is worth bringing, we can tell you that it will be, as hard to believe as it is, you'll end up needing it sooner or later!


It's one of the hall's most treasured social events and has been Faraday tradition for years! You get to learn a bit about Faradonian history, get dressed up, enjoy a scrumptious meal with your pals, and have one of the best nights ever. What more could you want?

5. Your Cleaner is your friend

They don't judge, even if you do decide to piss in your bin (please don't piss in your bin). They clean up an ungodly amount of bodily fluids and left over papa si's. They're the glue that holds faraday together, and if you're really super kind to them they might make your bed.

6. Wash your damn hands!

You've heard of this mystical "freshers flu" but it mostly sounds like a joke, or a 2 week snotty nose, right? WRONG. Once you're ill, you're ill forever, freshers flu ain't something that goes away... So pack your vitamins and hand sanitiser and prepare yourself for battle!

7. oily goodness at 3:30am

Living so close to Papa Si's is often both a blessing and a curse but when you've been up half the night cramming for an exam and you know you've got 4 hours worth of work left to do, a little bit of pizza can be a god send! If, in the wee hours, you find yourself awake and craving some greasy goodness from your favourite takeaway across the road, consider waiting until about 3:30, because shut down time at Papa Si's equals free food for you, and the best tasting takeaway is always a free one!

8. Race for a peng dinner

If you want the undoubtedly rationed luxuries at dinner, such as garlic bread with your lasagne, prawn crackers with your noodles or a cornetto for puds, you're going to have to run for them.

9. Faraday merch!!!!

Get yourself a faraday Christmas jumper! Yes it's the equivalent to 6 nasties in the union but unlike most of that night, that you'll have forgotten by the morning, these festive garms will last you forever!

10. Get involved

Don't be afraid to jump onto an action project that nobody else you know is doing, or sign up for a rag raid or welfare event... Firstly, joining in is the best way to make friends and it's also fantastic to be able to tell your Mum that yes, the only society you've joined so far is the drinking society but you've been taking dogs from the shelter out on walks for the past 2 weekends so you're still living the Loughborough dream!

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