We like to think Faradonians are kind and generous people - have a look and see for yourself!

What is Rag?

RAG is the university's fundraising sector. Each hall have there very own RAG reps who help to organise Raids to places like London, Cardiff, Manchester - it's usually all paid for by the charitys and always provides a great trip!

What is a Raid?

Ever seen those people in a street shaking their charity buckets at you? That's what a raid is! A group of students will grab their buckets, dressed in the chosen charity's outfit (banana costumes have been known to make the odd appearance) and go and make some money!


Most Improved Hall of the Year 2019



Our Rag committee members are one of a kind: Angelina has raised more money than stairs she's fallen down (and that's impressive...), and Lauren more than Jordan Belfort on Wall Street.

If you like Bacon sandwiches, quizzes, jumping out of planes or riding bikes for 24 hours you will love these guys.


Gibbo's Mile

Gibbo's mile is a memorial fun run which is organised for Fellow Faradonian called Andrew Gibson who sadly lost his life in 2008. He was just about to start his placement year. He was a very popular kid around Faraday and absolutely loved his hall. 

We've been in contact with Andrews family and this is what his sister, Gemma, had to say...

"That is fantastic! I've had a look at the photos and looks like an amazing event! My family and I can't even put into words how much it means for this event to be continuing. Without a doubt Loughborough and mainly Faraday were Andrews favourite time, that's all he talked about. He made some amazing memories and fantastic friends."

This just about sums up how important it is for this event to carry on year after year and for it to get bigger each time.

Remember as soon as you step into this hall you get a huge family that will always be there for you. Once a Faradonian, always a Faradonian.

The £10 Challenge

How much money can you raise just starting with £10?

Watch the video below to see how we raised it and how much we raised in 2019!