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Each hall fights for the IMS crown through fun and competitive sport. Whilst the Athletic Union (AU) provides talented athletes with the oppurtunity to represent Loughborough, Faraday will give you the chance to play eveything from Badminton to Wheelchair Basketball. It doesn't matter whether you've played before or not - there will be a team for you! There is a sport for everyone!

Intramural sport (IMS) is a free programme of hall sport open to every Loughborough University and College student. A mixture of one day events and weekly leagues throughout the year there is never a shortage of sport to support or take part in. 


With over 40 different sports you can get involved with whether its netball or football or something completely new, like ultimate Frisbee or handball. This isn’t just for first years in halls! Anyone can choose to affiliate to a hall so that you can get the full IMS experience.

Every hall is competing to win points with the aim of being crowned IMS champion. It’s a fantastic way to make friends within your hall and it helps you to really get the most out of your hall experience.


For the 10th time!

Meet your Sport Reps

Cameron Brown

Claire Lomax

Daniel Martin

Bella Little

Here are some of Loughborough's finest Sport Secs as well as Athletes. Claire and Bella are in charge of the women sports while Cam and Dan take care of the men sports. All four are very approachable, friendly and easy to have a laugh with. They bring the passion and motivation to all the sport events. They have helped Faraday become IMS champions for the 10th time!! Can we bring it home again for the 4th straight year in a row? 

Special shoutout to our very own, Claire Lomax, for winning Best Female Sports Sec 2019!