During your first year at university Faraday Hall will become your new home, and there are plenty of people to help you settle in and enjoy your time as a fresher!

Welfare & Diversity hall of the year 2019

Each hall has Welfare and Diversity Hall Reps and Warden Team. The hall reps are a group of individuals amongst campus there to act as a voice for under represented students as well as facilitating events in halls in support of, and to help raise awareness and education around, issues that students face. 


Faraday's Welfare Reps will always be here for you to de-stress or help with mental health or well being.

 Amelie is Faraday's resident night-out photographer and Ellie knows more about cars than Henry Ford.

If you ever need someone to talk to, these lovely ladies are the ones to go to!

Meet your Warden Team...

Wardens and Sub-wardens are available in each hall to help ensure the hall provides a supportive and enjoyable environment for all the student residents.

If you have any problems, either arising from within the hall or connected with any other aspect of being a student at Loughborough, please contact your warden or sub-warden who will either deal directly with the issue or refer you to someone who can help. Any discussions you have with a Warden or Sub-warden will be in confidence.



At Loughborough University there are 9 different associations within the Welfare & Diversity section! Each one is focused on a different area in order to promote positive physical and mental wellbeing. The different associations are:

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Moving to university can be daunting, especially being away from home and in a new environment. During your time at Loughborough it is important to be aware of all the ways in which the university can help support you, should you ever need it!

View the different methods of support the university can offer! 


Depending on which Academic School you are within (depending on which course you are studying), you will have a different wellbeing adviser. This service operates on a self-referral basis, meaning that you are able to come forward directly for support if you feel it would benefit you!

Find out who your Wellbeing Adviser is




Learn how to make an appointment 



When you join the university, during your first few weeks you will be assigned, and meet up with your Personal Tutor. If you are interested in accessing support or advice academically, they will be your first port of call.